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Le Pain Quotidien- Bread Baking Basics


Bread Baking Basics

Have you longed to share bread made with your own hands with family and friends, to smell the aroma of a freshly baked loaf in your own kitchen? Would you like to refine your baking skills? Or would you simply like to play with dough for a few hours on a weekend afternoon? Whatever the reason, join us for a hands-on class on the basics of bread baking. We'll discuss the ten steps of the process of making bread, and you'll participate in each one, from selecting ingredients to kneading a dough by hand to shaping, scoring and baking (and, of course, tasting).

The Menu: - Classic Baguette - French Rolls with butter or chocolate - Fruit & Nut Whole Wheat Loaves

What You Will Learn: - The tools, techniques, and ingredients needed to make your own dough from scratch - Artisan techniques for shaping and baking rustic bread - Tips and tricks for recreating a professional oven in your home kitchen - How to handle different types of dough to create a variety of shapes and styles.

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Bread Baking Basics, Part II

In Part II, we delve deeper into the process of making artisan bread. In this two and a half hour hands-on class, we will discuss the use of yeasted starters in bread-making and further explore the wonderful art and science of fermentation.

We will make a few different breads using our yeasted starters as well as working with different grain flours, including wheat, rye, and spelt. You will have the opportunity to sharpen your shaping skills and learn new scoring patterns to finish these heartier flavored breads.

And, as with all of our classes, you’ll leave with an abundance of beautifully handcrafted breads to wow your friends and family.

We recommend this class to those who have taken our Bread Baking Basics class or have intermediate experience. (Please note that this class does not cover the subject of sourdough breads.)

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