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Lahaina Galleries- Hawaii's Premiere Artists

Sep 14, 2018 - Sep 15, 2018

Master Hawaiian artists Robert Lyn Nelson and Roy Tabora will be making their first-time-ever appearance at Lahaina Galleries at Fashion Island.  Nelson and Tabora will also be painting in the gallery a few days prior to the show, 


Both artists are world-renowned as pioneers and visionaries for their respective styles: Nelson, the creator of “Two Worlds”, the 1979 painting depicting life above and below the surface of the ocean, creating a new genre of art known as Modern Marine Art; Tabora, for his magical, powerful and graceful seascapes that capture a brief moment, a temporary break in the storm clouds that allow a blast of light to illuminate a wave on a secluded Hawaiian beach.  


This show is open to the public.  To kindly RSVP call: 949-721-9117 or email us at:  The artwork created for the show will remain in the gallery for an additional week. 



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